There are too many extraordinary British authors to name and almost every American moving to London is familiar with several.  There are the classic greats like Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare, Jane Austin and Emily and Charlotte Bronte.  The British have excelled in literary works for hundreds of years and are proud to showcase their achievements.  Unlike many Americans who read classic novels trying to imagine the streets of London as David Copperfield saw them or the moors on which Catherine and Heathcliff frolicked, an American moving to London gets the opportunity to explore the countryside and city streets made infamous in novels over the course of centuries.

A wonderful New Year’s Resolution for any American moving to London or already moved is to read one classic British novel per month and explore where the story took place.  Depending on time and transportation needed to get to locations featured within books there are several options that will meet every limitation or expectation.

Elizabethan Literature:  For an American Moving to London with a flair for the dramatic a Shakespeare play is in order.  Macbeth is set in Scotland and England and would be an exciting story to read and then visit the landmarks.  One could even spend a holiday following in Macbeth’s footsteps.

Romantic Literature:  Any American moving here who truly appreciates a love story will enjoy reading one of Jane Austen’s novels.  Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility are classic novels showcasing England’s beauty and nobility.  Following Austen’s characters through England’s countryside is a splendid way to spend a spring afternoon.

Industrial England:  During the Victorian era England was not a good place to be poor. No one captured the hopelessness quite like Charles Dickens.  For any American moving to London wishing to explore the hardships of the lower class during the industrial revolution in London a reading of Oliver Twist, David Copperfield or A Christmas Carol will fit the bill.

Modern Literature:  The Harry Potter series is by far the most popular books recently to hail from the United Kingdom.  Many an American moving here tries to find the infamous locations featured within the pages of the magical books.  Retracing Harry’s  step while visiting would be a dream come true for many American children.

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