When one gets the news that they will be moving to London from America many beer drinkers jump in joy at all the great beer that will soon be at their fingertips.  For those who are not beer drinkers, however, the idea of being surrounded by pubs full of beer is not as appealing.  This New Years all those moving from America should make a New Year’s resolution to give British beer a chance, learn all they can about it while it’s in their backyard and try a new beer each week.

After moving from America trying a local beer at a local pub is usually one of the first items on the to-do list. British beer is not like typical American beer and those Americans who are not connoisseur of the drink should be prepared.  Typically British beers are ales, stouts or lagers.  The most popular type of beer is called Bitters and can be described as a stronger pale ale and is predominantly British.

Stout beer is quite a change in taste for those moving from America.  This type of beer is rich, full-bodied and dark.  Although not as popular as Lager or Ale many stouts are still drunk widespread through the UK including Oatmeal Stout and Imperial Stout.

Traditionally Lager has been a Scottish beer of choice and was rarely seen in England before the 1960s.  Its popularity has exploded in the last fifty years, though, and now makes up half the beer sold in the country.  It can be described as light, airy and crisp. Unlike many British beers, Lager is served ice cold, a trait many moving  from America expect and appreciate.

With enough local breweries to keep this New Year’s resolution alive for several years for anyone moving from America, there will be no shortage of interesting and seasonal beers to enjoy.  The British are passionate about their beer and love to drink it!  By committing to being adventurous and trying just one new British beer a week one moving from America can quickly become an expert in the craft.


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