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It may be a just a pilot scheme for the moment, but London Relocation is already prepared to help clients with what could be vital paperwork when relocating to London and renting property. From December 1, 2014, landlords will be required to check on the immigration status of all potential renters. While the scheme will start with the first groups of landlords in the West Midlands, you can be sure that in early 2015 it will roll out across large cities in the UK.

What is Immigration Status and What It Means for Renters

When the new law goes into effect, all landlords will be required by law to ask for proof of the right to reside in the United Kingdom. This could include your passport, visa documentation, the right of abode certificate and/or any other documentation that proves and confirms immigration status and the right to work in the UK. While immigration is a sensitive and growing issue for the government at the moment is it fair to ask landlords to police the immigration desk?

Controversy from Landlords and Property Management  Companies in the UK

Over the past few months, the new legislation has not been without controversy as many organisations have been questioning the legitimacy of having landlords and estate agents act in place of the Home Office and border Immigration officials. However under the new legislation, a landlord could face a fine of up to £3,000 if they fail to run the correct check. This has significant ramification for private home owners who rent our property independently.

London Relocation Ltd – Property Search and Complete Relocation Services

From our perspective, it could mean more paperwork for London Relocation clients and another level of red tape when relocating to London from abroad. We are already working with a number of organizations to be able to pre-reference our clients and provide a seamless service that ensures that London Relocation tenants are able to choose a flat without worrying whether or not they’re actually going to pass muster!

If you have any questions about this and other aspects of your move to London, or finding a flat easily in London, feel free to call us and chat to a Move Coach.

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