It’s an added challenge, finding an apartment in London that accepts pets

, or rather, a landlord in London who accepts pets. It’s also one of our specialities, so you and your pets are in good hands when it comes to finding an apartment that is purrfect!

Pet friendly Apartment Rentals in London

moving to London with pets

Our pet-friendly apartment search team is continually on the go, looking for pet friendly apartments in London. To guarantee our 100% success rate and our promise to you of finding a flat in one day, we only show between 9 and 15 pet friendly apartments during your personal search. All apartments on the list have been pre-vetted as pet friendly and you won’t have to go through any ‘process’ during the lease negotiation, or risk having to pay a higher than agreed upon deposit.

During your needs assessment, we’ll factor in your pet requirements and make sure that ALL of the apartments you see will be suitable according to your needs. We’ll help you with advice on the pet relocation process and we have loads of resources and recommendations on where to find the best dog-walking parks, veterinarians in your neighborhood and even dog-walking services if needed. The adjustment of moving to London is hard on everyone in your family, and making the transition needs some extra special love and care – from our team to yours.

Once you’ve made the decision that moving to London with your pets IS actually an option, the very first thing you should do, even before you call us, though that should be second on your list, is to contact your local vet about required vaccinations, and your pet passport. Getting the paperwork correct is vital, or your precious could end up in quarantine for up to six months – not worth the risk.

London Relocation Loves Pets!

We really, really do. Take a look at our pet relocation page where you’ll find some of the happy pets we’ve found apartments for in London.

Their human owners were pretty happy with the results too!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS