With the New Year comes the promise of rebirth and renewal.  This could not be any truer than for those moving from the United States.  Quite often an international relocation is a bittersweet affair and the holidays are a particularly tough time whether a family is newly relocated here or ready to move in the next few months. Rather than squander the New Year by being sad expats or soon-to-be expats should embrace the opportunities a New Year offers.

Moving to London – A Fresh Start

For many individuals and families moving means a fresh start.  Even though the internet assures that no one can ever truly escape their past planting roots in a new country and new community is a great way to refresh oneself and image.  While planning the move everyone in the family should take some time to do a personal inventory and determine what negative attitudes or behaviors should be left in the States.  Sometimes just the ability to start fresh with a new crowd of acquaintances is all one needs to reevaluate their priorities and friendships.

Moving to London – A Fresh Look

Much like the world is reborn every spring people often need a new look – a rebirth, so to speak.  When moving those who feel they have fallen into a rut in regards to their personal appearances should take the opportunity to buy a new wardrobe, freshen up their hairstyle and make personal health and fitness a priority.  There will definitely be many opportunities for exercise in London with all the walking required!

Moving to London – A Fresh Perspective

Much like one’s personal appearance personal attitudes often fall into ruts.  Just by accepting an international relocation one is opening up their mind to new possibilities.  Over the length of one’s stay they will encounter countless new cultures and traditions.  Preparing oneself mentally for all the new ideas sure to be met after moving to London is a great way to begin the New Year.

Of course whenever one must make a major life change, like moving to a new country, there is some resistance.  Preparing for an international move is exhausting and once the move is complete regret wills surely show itself to some degree or another.  One can combat all this negativity by looking upon their moving to London as an opportunity to better themselves and gain a new appreciation for the world and their own life.

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