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Senior Move Coach Devon Lampard – “The Needs Assessment is vital for relocation success”.

Moving to London planning? Well, of course you’re sitting down right this minute and making your checklist ahead of the big move to the UK, but how do you know you’re planning your moving to London planning correctly?!

Having made the move myself, I know that I left off a couple of really big items which translated into big challenges when I arrived in London. While preparing this blog, I sat down with our Senior Move Coach, Devon Lampard earlier this week and asked her about the top moving to London planning items that should be on everyone’s checklist…

Moving to London Planning – Where to Start?

Moving to London can be, as with moving to any new city, a daunting task. There’s the excitement that comes with moving to somewhere new, of course, looking ahead to meeting new people, broadening the ol’ horizons. But then there’s also the worry of finding a suitable place to stay, the worry that you’ll struggle to adapt to your new home, having to figure things out so that you can do something as basic as go to the shops to get milk and sugar for the house. As with anything that comes with this much worry, the very best thing you can do is formulate a plan of attack, preparing in advance for whatever may lay down the road. No doubt, you’ll miss a few things and something might still pop up to spite your careful planning, but it’ll be far better than if you hadn’t planned at all.

I’m not about lay out a plan of attack that will suit your situation; everyone has their own particular worries and concerns. I am going to list a general inventory of things that should concern anyone intending on moving to London (or any city for that matter).

We found Erik and Katie the perfect, and pet-friendly home in Notting Hill

Where to Live? – Are you middle class, upper middle class or full on upper? Decide what kind of area you want to stay in and investigate what home would suit your situation best. Searching for homes online won’t give you a realistic idea of how much house you can get for your cash. Internet rental ads for flats in London are notorious for being priced ridiculously low, just to get you interested. London is expensive: If it looks too good to be true, I guarantee it is!

In fact this is one of the biggest advantages to London Relocation –  We don’t work for estate agents, we take no fees from them, and have no vested interest in using a particular agent or area in London. We’re so committed to finding the best flats for our clients, we’ve just launched an entirely new way of showcasing properties. Over 120 top estate agents: Foxtons, Chestertons, Hamptons, Benham and Reeves, and top independents like Daniel Cobb  (you’ve probably seen them listed on search aggregator sites like Zoopla) now list their properties with us!

London Relocation – One Day London

We present our qualified clients with an accurate, up to date and complete London property listing of ALL properties from ALL agents by price, area, amenities and suitability, so you know you’re looking at benchmark London properties that are accurate. Were the ONLY relocation service that does this, and we’re extremely proud of our new software.

You pick the properties, based on YOUR NEEDS and requirements BUT WE MAKE the CALLS to set up your VIEWING DAY. We work for you, so you’re, a) guaranteed to find a flat, and b) guaranteed to get a better deal.

Back to Your Moving to London Planning List…

Transport – you’ll need to get around, whether by train, tube, bus or your own steam. If you’ve found a home that suits your needs, consider how you’ll be getting to and from wherever you’ll need to go.

Do you have kids? – It’s the kind of thing that can add umpteen complications to an already complicated situation. Kids have needs, school not the least of them. If you’ve found an area that you want to move to, do you know if they have schools that can offer your kids what they need?

That’s just three points, but I think it’s already clear at this stage the kind of planning that needs to be put into moving to London.

Checklist Details for Planning Your Move

First off, check the kind of electrical supply in use at your new destination as well as norms for wall sockets and the like. Yes, it does sound fairly trivial until your laptop runs out of power and you have to hunt around for an adaptor so that you can charge it up. If you do a lot of your work from your laptop or any other kind of device, then this one goes right to the top of your list.

Hospitals and other related medical services – big one this. Emergencies can rear their ugly heads at any time. If the situation should arise, you want to be prepared. Find out where the nearest hospital is to the place you’re moving. Find about things like a family GP or dentist in advance (you have to register with a local GP when you move into your new home by law). As a general rule of thumb, if you can plan ahead in advance for something, do so. It will make your move that much smoother and clear your plate of unnecessary worries.

I gave schools a pretty cursory overview in the previous section. If you do have kids, it won’t be enough to find a school where they continue where they left off. You need to put some serious consideration into the choice of school, and how the move will affect their entire education and lifestyle. Also, make the effort to see that whichever school they’ll be attending has a curriculum and educational standards equal to their old school. Get with a school search consultant as soon as possible, we normally arrange this for you as part of your home search service.


And lastly, do have you any friends or know anyone who knows anyone who’s already done what you’re about to embark on? See if you can get in contact with them and ask them about any issues they may have faced in moving. No doubt, they’ll have encountered a wealth of problems in the transition and their experience can only be to your benefit.

I’ll concede that this is a pretty short list, but then you’ll have to give thought to the kind of issues specific to your situation. Our Needs Assessment is a comprehensive moving to London planning checklist in itself, and it is the starting point for our entire service. Listening to you is the fastest way to find you, not just the perfect home, but making sure you settle in to live in London as fast as possible.

If you’d like a free consultation with Devon from London Relocation, please complete this webform or call her on 1-800-903-1658 (US & CANADA) or +44 207 993 0422 (UK)

Even if you don’t qualify for our service, or choose not to use us, we’d be delighted to answer any questions about moving to London, your planning progress and your home search.

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