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Moving to London - Fun Facts About the UK - London Relocation

London Relocation

Your big move to ‘The Big Smoke’ is about more than just finding the perfect pad and learning how to ‘mind the gap’ on the tube. Learning as much as you can about the culture of the country and the city of London is going to stand you in good stead when you’re meeting people and making friends.

Fun Facts That You Should Know When Moving to London

  • Buckingham Palace looks a lot smaller in real life than it does in the movies. This famous London landmark should be one of the first places you visit if you have not been to London before. Just don’t be disappointed if you’re only allowed to see the outside, the Queen is rarely at home to receive casual visitors.
  • Not everyone in England has met the Queen.
  • The United Kingdom is a collection of countries, comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Don’t get it wrong – it’s like calling Canada a part of America, which it isn’t. They even speak their own language in Wales, Ireland and Scotland.
  • Beer is not just beer. It could be bitter, ale, lager or even stout, and it will be served at room temperature in pubs in the UK.
  • London is a city made up of a different people from around the globe. Real Londoner’s are probably from somewhere else. Just like you!
  • The Underground is a system of public transport in London, that you WILL learn to use if you intend on going anywhere in London. You can take a cab if you feel insecure about using the tube, but once you know how to use it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.
  • Never talk about the weather with a Brit. They consider it the right of people who were born in the country to moan about the weather. And they will moan and you will just nod your head without making any serious commitment or contribution to the conversation.
  • Brits don’t really like being called ‘Brits’.
  • There is less Cockney Rhyming Slang used in London, by Londoners, than you’d expect.

Settling In To Life in London

It’s is important to remember that you are moving to a foreign country and there will be a number of differences between the way you did things back home and what you may have to get used to after your relocation to London. The best advice I can give about moving to a new country: Get a sense of humour, fast! Indulge your sense of wonder and your appetite to discover the city that is now your new home.

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