Going through an international relocation during the winter months can be hard on a family but not all is lost after moving from America during the cold, dreary days London are famous for.  Rather than stay holed up in a new flat or working extra hours at work newcomers should explore London’s famous parks and landmarks.  If all else fails the cold days and night of January can be spent sipping coffee or a bitter while reading a new book.

Moving from America – a Day in the Park

Londoners are used to the cold and rain therefore it doesn’t keep them from enjoyed their parks.  Even on the dreariest days one can find Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens bursting with life as visitors feed ducks or squirrels, wander down paths or sip tea or coffee at quaint cafes located nearby.

Moving  from America – Find a Good Book

Home of the English language the United Kingdom is overflowing with bookstores.  London is proud of its literary heritage and in a city where Kindles have not yet taken over one can easily find a cozy bookstore to spend a cold and drizzly afternoon.  Once the perfect book has been located a trip to the neighborhood café or pub is in order to enjoy it.

Moving from America – Find a Neighborhood Pub and Friends

They say that a pub is an Englishman’s second home.  After moving to London from America it is easy to see why.  So many days and nights are cold, wet and foggy.  Often enjoying a pint at the neighborhood pub with a few mates is the only way to dispel the melancholy.  Although not born a Brit anyone can find their own home away from home if they keep their minds open and a smile on their face.

These are just a few ideas on how to spend a winter’s day after moving to London from America.  Regardless of how one ultimately decides to spend their time the point is to get out and about.  London relocation agents cannot stress enough to those moving to London from America how important getting out of a new flat is.

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