Notting Hill is one of the most sought after places to visit by those moving to London. This extraordinary location offers a vast selection of activities, sites and cultural events that appeal to the masses and that rank high on many bucket lists.

This beautiful area of London draws an eclectic mix of fabulous celebrities, blooming artists, working families and fun-loving yuppies, all of whom find residing in and visiting Notting Hill an absolute pleasure. Notting Hill neighborhoods consist of vivid Victorian homes and blossoming private gardens which lie near booming streets where some of the world’s best festivities take place.

If you’re planning on moving to London then you won’t want to miss visiting this vibrant part of the city. Here are some of the many events and activities to look forward to.

Portobello Road Markets

Notting Hill is a wonderland for those who enjoy shopping. Those moving to London will find that Portobello Road Markets offer an exhilarating shopping experience. As you meander along Portobello Road you will find colorful homes and terraces dotted amongst a variety of shops where you can browse and buy such items as antiques, fashionable clothing, produce, and much more.

Food variety is another appealing part of strolling through Portobello Road Markets. When you shop up an appetite, stop by and indulge in a bratwurst sandwich, paella, churros, crepes, or dozens of other delicious delicacies. As you’re visiting this grand market, keep your eyes peeled for the Portobello Wall where an amazing display of public artwork can be viewed.

Movie Nostalgia and Entertainment

If you are moving to London and are a fan of the film Notting Hill and its stars Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, you will adore exploring and viewing the same locations featured in the popular picture. Stop by the Notting Hill Bookshop (renamed after the movie) located on Blenheim Crescent. Also, head to Craven Hill Gardens and check out the movie’s Hotel Hempel. Then move on for a viewing of the famous home at 280 Westborne Park Road which has had its blue front door painted black.

Three excellent cinemas are also located in Notting Hill. The Electric is one of city’s oldest operating venues which still reeks of vintage charm. The Gate Cinema is well known as a specialist of independent films, and the Coronet is supposedly haunted by an old attendant’s spirit that committed suicide by jumping off a balcony after being caught raiding the till.

Notting Hill Carnival

If you’ve always wanted to attend Marti Gras, the grandest carnival in the world located in Rio de Janeiro, but have decided you will be moving to London instead, you’re in luck. The Notting Hill Carnival is the second largest celebration of this kind (after Rio) and draws as many as two million souls during late August of each year.

For two party-packed days, the streets surrounding Notting Hill are filled with costumed participants, various bands playing reggae music, calypso, and soca, and food vendors serving up practically any food you can think of. Notting Hill Carnival even includes a Children’s Day for the youngsters to enjoy.

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