After moving to London a family often gets antsy looking for things to do and places to explore; when moving during the wintertime the list of possibilities is shortened dramatically.  Rather than go stir-crazy inside one’s new flat after moving families of all ages and sizes should explore the London zoo.  Many families moving look forward to exploring the city’s historical and cultural locations but the cold and rain keep them indoors.  Cold weather or warm the zoo has plenty to offer all members of a family after the arduous process of moving here. The London Zoo is located in Regents Park with many Tube stations within an easy walking distance.  Open every day of the year except Christmas the London Zoo offers lots of educational opportunities for those moving here and a bit of excitement despite even the dreariest day’s best effort to keep families indoors.  Some of the exciting wintertime exhibits sure to wow every member of any family include:

1)   The Indoor Rainforest – The Zoo has England’s only indoor rainforest where visitors can walk through a simulated rainforest to experience the hundreds of species of animals co-existing together in the most diverse setting on Earth.  Also included is the Rainforest at Night exhibit showcasing the rich sounds and sights of the rainforest after the sun sets.

2)    Penguin Beach – New to the Zoo is Penguin Beach, the country’s largest penguin pool.  Visitors can watch the penguins play in the water, enjoy a meal or just spend time hanging out.  Available to purchase are VIP passes which allow guests a behind-the-scenes look at penguin life.

3)    Butterfly Paradise – Opened in 2006 this exhibit is devoted to the conservation and study of butterflies and moths.  Visitors to the exhibit can learn about all stages of a butterflies life, see hundreds of species of butterflies originating from around the world and learn about climate change and conservation.

4)    Aquarium– Three halls are devoted to the London Zoo’s Aquarium.  Conservation programs are prevalent with the seahorse breeding program being the most popular.  Visitors can watch in awe at the many dazzling sea creatures swim by or learn about conservation programs across the country.

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