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Our website is always changing, growing, transforming – just like London really. We’ve always got something new to show you, the latest in relocation advice to pass on and the best of London to bring to you before your move.


Move to London – Loving|Living|London


One of our Move to London 2014 projects is an exciting photographic exhibition in collaboration with a well-known photographer to capture the essence of London. Impossible you say? We agree… Which is why it’s a very organic exhibition; ongoing, growing and filled with iconic sights, London homes and the London lifestyle – just for you.

Move to London – “But is it Art, Sweetie?” 

Our photographs make awesome postcards and wallpapers and we invite you to download them for your use. If you’re going to use them for your blog, go right ahead, but in the spirit of open-source sharing, we ask that you give us a photo credit. If you do have a blog about London, or life in London, or moving to London, or life, or moving for that matter, we invite you to contact us about our new Move to London project.


As expats ourselves, we love hearing your stories, and seeing London through your eyes and we want to showcase as many expat and London blogs as possible. Our Move to London Project is not just about bringing you to London, but about bringing the best of London to you –

So yes, it’s London art, but we prefer to call it London (he)art!

Make sure you keep coming back as we’re adding more photographs every day this month.

Neals Yard

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