Shortly after confirming an international relocation families often buy a map of London neighborhoods to help prepare for the upcoming move.  While that can never hurt it is best to truly understand what the map says and how to use it best once the plane lands and a family is left to fend for themselves in a new country.  One of the most useful maps a family can get is a Tube map of London neighborhoods. One of the first challenges facing families fresh to London from a corporate relocation is the lack of a personal vehicle.  In America almost every family owns at least one car, often with every member of the family over sixteen owning their own car.  In a city the size of London that is just not possible. Even if a family does have a car in London it will probably spend most of its time in a parking garage. That is why a good Tube map of London neighborhoods is a must-have.

Anyone moving here having never relied on public transportation will have an adjustment period where map usage will be necessary.  For the newcomer to the Tube (or any major system for that matter) the first glace at a Tube map of neighborhoods will look like a colorful display of lines and they’ll probably think they will need an engineering degree to ever make sense of it all. Do not despair new locals.  Learning to make sense of a Tube map of neighborhoods will come eventually and then become second nature.  The first rule of thumb for those new to public transportation is to not be afraid to ask for help.  Second, figure out far in advance what route one needs to get somewhere.  Lastly, those just moving from America should not be afraid to wander out of their comfort zone and explore via the Tube. They just must remember to bring their handy Tube map of neighborhoods with them!

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