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London Relocation Guide to Finances

Use your London relocation guide to help you plan all aspects of your move. Planning, organizing and preparing are going to take up a lot of your time in the months and weeks before you complete your relocation to London. One of the fastest ways of getting settled is to hire one of the London relocation services that will help you with all of the small details that can turn into big issues when you are moving to London.

London Relocation Guide to Banking

Try to do as much as possible with your London relocation guide before you arrive. It is important to have a UK bank account as soon as possible after your relocation to London. For Americans moving to London there is a lot that you can do to open a bank account in London before you leave the US that will speed things up once you have arrived in London.

London Relocation Guide Banking Package

Opening a bank account in the UK is not always as simple as it is back home. When you’ve been refused a bank account in London you may be left wondering “Why?” when you’re attempting to give them your money! Bank accounts in England are not just savings account. Each account comes with a personal cheque guarantee card and overdraft facilities, so applying to open a bank account is a little like applying for a credit card back in the states. The problem arises because you do not have a credit history in London and therefore are seen as a bit of a risk.

With no credit history, the bank you are applying to will need copies of your credit history in the states. You will have to get a letter of reference from our bank back home and bring the original with you when you apply for a bank account in England. You’ll have to provide your passport and a copy of your work visa or eligibility to stay in England as well when you apply.

The best solution is to ask your London relocation guide company to get a list of the forms that you will need to fill in before you arrive. There may even be a form that you can ask your US bank to fill in for you before you leave. London relocation companies are geared up to help you with every aspect of your move and opening a bank account is all part of the London relocation guide to help make your relocation to London easier.

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