As Americans moving here begin the search for London neighborhoods for themselves, or their family, there are several factors that should be considered, only one of which is location.  Depending on the location of one’s employment and any schools children may attend choosing from the many ideal neighborhoods changes.  One neighborhood that is a favorite among all of the London neighborhoods and should be looked into is Islington.

Islington is located in the Northeast area of the greater city of London.  In the earlier part of the last century it was considered a poor remnant of its once grand splendor. All that changed however in the 1990s as old Victorian homes (which fill Islington) became all the rage.  At that time a major gentrification project overtook the neighborhood making it now one of the premiere London neighborhoods.

Like many areas of London Islington offers quirky and unique shops.  Residents and tourists alike enjoy its impressive antique store selections and quaint cafes.  There are many benefits to choosing Islington as a possible place to live after an international relocation.

1)    Location, location, location – There are many Tube stations, train stations and bus stops in Islington making it accessible to just about anywhere in the city.

2)    Highgate Wood – a 28 hectare green space popular with the locals.  Especially if one is moving with a family living near a park is a bonus.

3)    Arsenal Football Club – One of the most famous London football clubs will be in one’s backyard if they move to Islington.  There is no better way to acclimate to a new city than to join in the local sports craze.

4)    Art galleries galore – There are several art galleries and workshops located in Islington making this a hot neighborhood for art enthusiasts.

There are probably a hundred reasons for a person or family to consider Islington when narrowing down neighborhoods.  It is one of the few neighborhoods well suited to both families and young couples or singles.  With housing prices ranging from very low to very expensive there surely will be something in everyone’s price range.  One can’t go wrong by considering Islington when searching neighborhoods.


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