best neighborhood for familiesLondon neighborhoods vary in personality and cost of living.  Because of that, no one can say with certainty which one of the many lovely neighborhoods is the best neighborhood for families.  Before international relocation families are encouraged to discuss their home needs with a relocation service where London relocation agents will explain the subtle differences between favorite neighborhoods.

One of the best-kept secrets in local neighborhoods is Greenwich.  Located in South London this lovely community seems to be in a world of its own.  With no tube station, it is in the city but outside of it at the same time.  Beautiful Georgian and Victorian homes line the small streets alive with quirky boutiques and unique restaurants.

On top of being an affordable place to live after moving families can enjoy many of London’s most significant historical sites and museums in Greenwich.  Some of the more famous are:

1)    The National Maritime Museum:  home to the national collection of artifacts of England’s long maritime history.  The buildings located at the museum are of great historical significance.

2)    The Royal Observatory: This is home to the center of the world. Literally. In 1675 Charles II declared that it represented the middle of the world.  Today, the Greenwich Median Time (GMT) is still the starting point of each new day.

3)    Greenwich Park: Most famous for the views of the city from its hills.  It is also home to the Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum and will house stadiums for the 2012 Olympics held in London.

4)    Greenwich Market: One of the larger markets.  It is comprised of several markets such as the Greenwich arts and crafts market, Flea Market, Antique Market, and Central Market.

Any family or individual moving who values historical landmarks and trying to decide between neighborhoods should consider Greenwich.  With its reasonably priced housing, close location to the city and beautiful Greenwich Park anyone would do well if living there.  With so many choices in neighborhoods, it is best to narrow the list before discussing housing with relocation agents and Greenwich would be a great addition to that list.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS