Take a ‘London Day’

If you recently relocated to London, you have probably been very busy – with packing, unpacking and organising. You’ve probably not yet been able to say, “I’m living in London!” Finding your feet in a new place can be daunting and we believe that taking a day out just to engage in your surroundings can really help you ease into your new neighbourhood.

Living in London – Absorb Life

Of course it would be perfectly okay to simply walk around your new area while taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of one of the most vibrant cities on earth. But, if you want to take your first free day in London up a notch, here is a morning to night action plan of what you could do.

Good Morning London Lovelies!

living in london


An excellent place to start is at London Bridge. If Borough Market is open, the food market is the perfect place to grab your first proper London breakfast and a cuppa. If you are out of luck with the market, one of the cafés around Hay’s Galleria are the way to go. Once you are fed and watered, take a typical ‘London stroll’ along the Thames. If you head along the Southbank you will pass Shakespear’s Globe theatre, the Tate Modern art gallery and the London Eye. You will eventually see the Houses of Parliament on the other side of the Thames. If you are interested in seeing historical sites while living in London, simply cross the Westminster Bridge and pop into Westminster Abbey.

Top London History and Shopping Sites

living in london-seven dials

Walk towards Trafalgar Square up Whitehall where you will pass the famous 10 Downing Street. This is the headquarters of the British government and the home of the Prime Minister. Enjoy Trafalgar Square with its statues, monuments, fountains and historical relevance before heading north on Charing Cross where you will see the Queen Eleanor Memorial Cross, and also the historical Leicester Square and its theatres. When you get to Shaftesbury Avenue, turn right towards the Seven Dials close to Covent Garden. Make a mental note of this area, because this is where true London locals shop. You find the same shops as what you would in the shopping district on Oxford Street, it’s just a lot less busy.

Afternoon Amble with Cream tea

living in london cream tea

For lunch, we suggest exploring Neal’s Yard. Whether you are vegetarian or not, some of the top eating spots here don’t serve meat, and believe us – not even the die-hard carnivores will miss it! A delicious and nutritious meal will put the spring back in your step and get you ready for the rest of the day exploring the controversial Soho and Covent Garden. Do stop for a typical afternoon cream tea that consists of a pot of well brewed tea and a delectable scone with clotted cream and preserves, or another scrumptious pastry – they are all divine.

Loving the Bright London City Lights at Night

After a day of discovering London you may be ready for a final cuppa and an early night, or you could be reeling in anticipation of a night out on town. This is where you will probably have to do a bit of research. Whether an old style pub and grub strikes your fancy or you want to get dolled up for a night of cocktails and dancing, London literally has it all – and Google is your friend.

Also, do keep a lookout for some top tips on trendy night-time spots on this blog soon.

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