When you’re living in London, you’re going to spend quite a bit of time commuting around the city and there are some unwritten guidelines to tube etiquette and manner. Most of them are common sense, but locals are an impatient lot, so it you don’t want to be the brunt of a busy local’s burst of anger then you may want to take a look at the tube travel tips we’ve assembled for you.

Top Tube Travel Tips

  • The most important aspect of travelling by tube is how to stand on the escalators. The tube is an underground rapid transit system, so you will be spending time on escalators as you descend to the very depths of the city. If you’re not charging up and down the escalator, always make sure that you stand to the right. The left hand side of any escalator is always reserved for busy locals in a rush!
  • Make sure you have your tube ticket or your Travel Card ready before approaching the ticket turnstiles. There is nothing more frustrating than rushing to catch a tube and being held up by someone frantically searching for their Oyster Card while blocking dozens of people behind them.
  • On this note, when you pass through the ticket turnstile, walk onwards for several feet. Stopping dead in your tracks as soon as you are through indicates a lack of manner for the thousands of Londoner’s behind you. Of course their response will probably indicate a lack of bad manner overall… But you have been warned.
  • If you are in a crowded tube carriage and standing close to the doors. It is common to get off the tube to allow people behind you to disembark. Just be certain you don’t get elbowed out of the way by Londoner’s in a hurry to get onto the tube

You don’t have to be alarmed by all of the rules and regulations seeming to govern tube travel while you are living in London. Just treat people the way that you’d like to be treated but try to never cross the yellow line on the platform, and do “Mind the Gap!”


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