Moving to London is an undeniably exciting undertaking. Whether you’re going by yourself or with a loved one or loved ones, it means experiencing and adapting to a new home, learning about a new culture, meeting new people and making new friends. But as appealing and as fun and it is, it also means that you’ll be taking many of the concerns that you had in your former country and bringing them here to your new homeland. An unavoidable concern no matter where you go or who you are is the state of your health and that of those closest to you.

You could catch something, fall victim to some accident or any of a hundred other things could spring up unexpectedly. You have to be prepared for whatever could come your way and in the case of your health, being prepared means finding a doctor. While you might want to save yourself the hassle and rather just head off to a hospital should an emergency arise, having a personal GP is better as you’ll have someone who will be able to cater to you on a more personal level and, more importantly, someone who’ll be able to warn you and properly help you avoid something that could come up.

The first stop for you would be a visit to the National Health Services (NHS) website. The page has very useful ‘find a doctor’ function. Type in your postal code and you’ll get a list of all the doctors practicing in your area. For more information, click on any of the names that catch your eye and you’ll get information about the services that they offer, the doctors practicing there, and opening and closing times. You’ll get directions on how to get there as well as assistance on registering as a new patient. Also keep an eye out for whether the surgery you’re applying to as a patient is currently accepting new patients.

You’re moving to London and being certain of the state of your health is one of the most important aspects of making certain that your stay here will be an enjoyable one.

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