If you’re feeling ill after your relocation you may want to consider the cost of living in London and private medical care. Harley Street is found just west of London in the borough of Westminster. It is one of the many streets in London where the industry all revolves around a specific subject. The largest concentration of private doctors, medical specialists and surgeons is found in and around Harley Street. Today there are over 3000 healthcare professionals working in and around Harley Street and at the hospitals in the area.

Living In London and The Cost of Healthcare

This health care treatment comes at a cost and unless you have a good medical insurance scheme, then many of the consultation fees will seem exorbitant. It is however the home of some of the best specialists in London and England, and you can get an appointment through your local NHS doctor if you need specialist care.

Living in London – Medical Aid

While doctors may have been drawn to the area by the numbers of well to do homes and families living in the area it has become a centre of medical excellence and surgery in the heart of the busy city.

Private health care is extremely expensive in the United Kingdom and many people use the NHS provided by the government which is efficient and gives excellent health care. Bupa UK is one of the leading private health insurance companies and many people have a top-up scheme rather than full private health care.

Remember that private medical care does not automatically mean that it is better. For non-emergency care you’ll wait longer for an NHS appointment, but many of the top specialists are working in NHS hospitals. For emergency care, you won’t get any better facilities than the NHS hospitals, even if you do go private; there are often limits on the post operative treatment at private hospitals.


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