Why learn about London when you’re going to be living in the city itself? Well, you’ll have to learn about London to impress folks back home, natch.

learn about London fast facts

When you’re living in London you’ll be receiving visitors, I promise. Just as soon as you are settled into your new London rental, you’ll be getting calls from back home from people wanting to crash on your couch while they explore London. The only way to avoid this is to never, ever tell anyone that you are moving to London which might be a little impossible! If you are going to be entertaining friends and family for days at a time, then you’d better have some fast facts and fun tours to take them on a whistle stop tour of the city.

Learn About London – Fast Facts at Your Fingertips

learn about London Big Ben

  • London is the ninth largest city in the world. It’s the capital of England, which is a country in the United Kingdom.
  • Big Ben is not the name of the clock or the tower. The name refers to the bell inside the clock tower, which is actually called St. Stephen’s Tower.
  • The River Thames is the longest river in England.
  • The London Eye is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe.
  • The London underground was the first rapid transit system in the world.
  • Over 300 languages are spoken in London, and don’t expect to understand English when you arrive. Stone the perishing crows!
  • Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and the London Eye are our top list of tourist attractions if you only have a couple of days in London.


Play Tourist After Moving to London

It can be hard when you are living in London to decide what to show your visitors, and I suggest, if you’re going to be having a lot of them that you plan your own little guided tour of the top sites and attractions. Stick to a budget and get your transport paid for in advance. You can’t go wrong by getting your visitors a London Pass for the number of days they will be there.

Remember you’re a Londoner now, and an ambassador for the city, so learn about London and allow yourself to experience the marvels of London through a visitor’s eye. They don’t care that you spend three hours a day commuting to and from work. They just want to see the Queen!

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