As an American moving to London one might find they have more free time than they had previously in the States.  A new unknown city thousands of miles away from friends and family can leave a person with a lot of time on their hands.  If one finds themselves like this during the winter season it is an excellent opportunity to learn the traditional British craft of knitting.  Popular across all of Europe (and beyond) for almost the last millennium the ancient craft almost went away save for a resurgence in popularity during the last decade.

The transition can be a difficult time for an American moving on their own or with a family.  Sometimes it is helpful to just keep one’s hand busy and knitting is great for that.  Finances can also be strained for an American moving to London – especially in this economy!  Knitting costs only a few pounds to get started since knitting needles and yarn is all that is required.

There are many yarn shops located in London and classes for every level of knitter are also common.  Any American moving to London would be welcome for the British are very proud of their traditional arts and crafts.  For those wishing to use knitting as a medium to meet other people searching for a meet-up group based on knitting is the way to go.

England has a long history with knitting and many an American moving to London is surprised to learn how the craft has grown and changed from its earliest days.  Even the name ‘knitting’ is believed to derive from the Old English cnyttan, or to knot. For families moving here there is no better way to introduce the entire family to a traditional British craft than to knit.  Every member of a family can do it and there are plenty of resources in London to help one get started.

Although England no longer campaigns to ‘knit for victory’ as it did during World War II, many a Londoner is fond of the craft.  Whether an American moving here is familiar with the craft from their days back in the States or it is completely new knitting is a wonderful hobby that can open doors to new friendships in a new city.

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