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Not only have we seen an upswing in the numbers of enquiries we get on a daily basis from US based tech professionals moving to London, but from entire tech companies making the move from the US to establish a UK or European HQ; the obvious choice is our home town: London!

Silicon Roundabout and FinTech in London

With more and more companies from Silicon Valley moving to Silicon Roundabout in London, there is an increasing need for relocation services that are tailored to the IT professional moving to London. That’s where we come in! London is actively courting the tech comanies and tech start ups in the US, by offering a host of business services for entrepreneurs and individuals. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson visited New York in February to engage with US business leaders about moving to London and how London can help companies get settled fast. In a recent Forbes Magazine article, it was suggested that the success of Silicon Roundabout has much to do with the proximity of the tech center to all of London’s financial and business district. In fact, FinTech professionals employed in London number around 40,000 and the numbers are set to increase in 2015 as more US companies use London as a base from which to do business with Asia and the Middle East.

Exciting stuff, but how does that help a busy IT professional considering taking a job in London?


What’s Different for an IT Professional Relocating to London?

For starters…The Time. It takes time to plan and execute a successful relocation, and if you need to hit the ground running, you don;t want to be taking time off from a new job or new position to go flat hunting. the London property market is somewhat unique when it comes to finding a flat:

  • There is no MLS in London. If you want to see a few properties, you’ll have to call up each agent directly and make an appointment for a viewing. This could take days, if not weeks.
  • London property moves fast – by the time the listing hist the website, it’s usually already taken, and the estate agent will try to find you something else.
  • London estate agents work for landlord’s not for you. You don’t ever want to be ‘pushed’ into signing a lease by an agent who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

London Relocation and Tech Professionals 

We listen to what you want, our Needs Assessment is vital to a successful relocation.

  1. We have all of London’s estate agents on our new software. Live properties, before they hit the market, exclusively available for you to pick and choose
  2. It’s really quite simple: You choose the properties you love, and we contact ALL of the estate agents on your behalf to set up ONE VIEWING DAY.
  3. Your personal search agent will take you to all the properties (between 18 and 25 in one day) and we guarantee that you’ll be able to put in an offer and secure your London flat by the end of the day. We also negotiate the lease on your behalf to ensure you get the very best price.
  4. We work for you – we take no fees from property owners, landlords or estate agents. You choose the property, we make it happen – FAST.

If you don’t have time to find the perfect flat after landing the perfect job in London, give us a call, we’ll make it happen today.



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