Choosing a neighborhood and an apartment when you’re planning your relocation to London is going to be at the top of your list. It can be hard to decide on which neighborhood you’d like to stay in if you have not visited the city. Many people around the world choose a suburb or neighborhood according to what it has to offer, but you may want to consider a couple of other aspects before talking to your relocation agents about viewing properties.

Tube Lines: It’s not just Red and Green

Choosing and apartment according to what tube line it is close to could be one of the deciding factors in your London apartment search. If you know where you are going to be working in London, then you will have a pretty good idea of which tube line you will be using to get to work. Perhaps the first investment that you make when you’re starting to think about areas to live in should be to download the tube map of London so you can see how far you’ll have to travel as a daily commuter. Bear in mind that the tube map is schematic and not to scale, so if you have any doubt as to distances, ask your London relocation agents to help you out. Ideally you should choose an area that has more than one tube line to choose from, so if one is stuck you will still be able to get to where you need to go without too much hassle.

Getting in the Zone

London is divided into travel zones which will also affect and influence where you want to stay. Zone 1 is a circle in the very centre of the city, and the circles radiate outwards until you hit Zone 6 on the very edges of the city. Each zone has a different price attached to it, so it could mean that all of the savings that you make up by living in Zone 6 are completely negated by the fact that you have to travel to Zone 1 for work every day. It is still cheaper to use the public transport than it is to own a car. The biggest advice that you’ll get from your London relocation agents is to figure out where you need to be in terms of travel, and then decide on which areas you want to view properties when you arrive.

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