While you’re packing your bags for your relocation you need to pay some attention to where you are going to unpack your bags on the other side of the pond. The biggest aspect of moving is going to be your accommodation. Finding accommodation can be harrowing at the best of times. Finding accommodation in London with a foreign passport can be impossible.

You must remember that you have no credit rating in the UK when you arrive. You may be the most credit worthy person on the globe, but there is no way that your potential landlord will be able to discover that by looking at a letter of reference from your bank back home. (It is vital that you get a letter of reference from your bank when opening a bank account in the UK)

Once you know where you’ll be working in London, you’ll be able to narrow down the list of areas that you want to live in, but again, this can be tricky unless you know the distances, the amount of time it takes to travel to and from work and the amenities that you want to have in your neighborhood.

If you have not travelled to the UK before, then you need to get advice and help with your relocation from an expert. Using relocation agents is the easiest way to find accommodation in an area that fulfills your requirements and more importantly, a landlord that is prepared to rent to foreigners. The advantage of having a relocation service company is that they have a list of properties that are instantly available. The last thing you want to do is spend weeks or even months trying to find an apartment on your own.

An international relocation can be a trying tie for your entire family, and getting settled as fast as possible is the quickest way to get out and start living in the fascinating city that is now your home.

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