The best thing you can do when you’re contemplating your relocation to London is to get good advice from people who know the business of moving to London. Hiring relocation agents might seem pricey, but you’ll be saving money in the end, when you total up the advice, speed and efficiency with which you’ll be after your international relocation.

The key word here is ‘international relocation’. You’re not just moving across the country where things are different, but the same. You’re embarking on a new life in a foreign country, and one of the biggest questions that all Americans moving to London have is

“Will my American appliances work?” In a word: No.

If you want to bring your electrical appliances and electronic goods with you, you will have to purchase an adapter to get your appliances to work and even then, you may be taking a chance with the voltage on some of your more sensitive electronics.

There are some things that you absolutely do not have to bring with you. Not only will it be cheaper to purchase one in the UK, but they will work better. Hairdryers, electric shavers and cell phones you will be better off purchasing when you get to London.

Cellular Connection

Your mobile phone provider back home may well tell you that your quad-band phone will work anywhere in the world, but you’ll still have to purchase an adapter to charge your battery in a British plug. If your phone is networked locked, then you may have to spend domes cash to get it ‘unlocked’, which is illegal. The best bet is to buy one of the cheap cell phones on a pay-as-you-go system. This means you’ll be able to make calls instantly, and control your phone bill. You will probably not be able to get a cell phone contract until you have a bank account and some evidence of a credit rating in the UK, so a pre-paid phone makes the most sense for the first few months.

Ask your London relocations services company to organize you a sim card and phone before you arrive, so you can be making calls as soon as you arrive.

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