Whether your relocation to the amazing city of London is due to the call for adventure or you are moving to a new job at a city-based company, you will need to select a London flat in which to stay. Apartment hunting can be a daunting task, especially in a city with which you are not familiar. Therefore, we are providing some tips on how to best select a good London flat.

Put Feet to the Pavement

In this computer age, many people tend to turn to the internet when searching for apartments. However, this is not necessarily the best route to go because online listings are often outdated, erroneous, and flat out deceptive. You can spend a great deal of wasted time, effort and money chasing your tail when shopping for apartments over the internet.

It is much more productive to search for your London flat the old fashioned way, by browsing rental ads and hitting the streets. To narrow your search, create a shortlist of neighborhoods or areas in which you would like to live and start pounding the pavement.

Be Armed with Determination and a Calculator

Prices are generally high throughout the city, but deals most certainly can be found as long as you keep searching. What you will find, however, is that flats are on average much smaller than you may have anticipated especially if you are moving from the US. Also, many flats located in old Victorian and other established large homes come furnished and with little or no storage space. The trick to finding a good London flat is to stick with it and don’t accept any deal until you are satisfied.

Also, most flats are rented at a per-week price. A quote of £250 might not seem bad, but multiply that by four and you may have to brace yourself for shock. Some places provide monthly quotes, but they are few and far between. Best take along your calculator.

Leave the Work to a Letting Agent

Flat locations services such as London Relocation can be a saving grace when relocating to a massive and unfamiliar city. Not only do letting agents know local markets and areas, but they are also known by regular landlords and rental buildings. Their reputation can work for you since they are able to effectively negotiate rental fees that will work much more closely with your budget.

London Relocation has years of service in the city and can help you find a good flat as well as provide other information to help you get settled more easily.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS