If you’re a foreigner, it’s so much worse than you can imagine. Our guide to how to rent a flat in London isn’t about finding a flat – we’ve totes got that covered – but rather on the documents that you’ll need to be deemed a suitable (we always aim for fabulous) lessee in the eyes of any potential landlord.

How to Rent a Flat in London – Proof of ID/Passport

You have to prove you are who you say you are! Though you’re not required by law in the UK, to carry ID on your person, you are required to provide proof of identity to rent property. If you’re moving to London from overseas, your passport is required, as well as your Visa, your own AND any people that may be living with you – like your family for instance. You’ll also need to provide proof of employment – tricky if you’re self-employed, retired, or a freelancer…

proof of id to rent flat in london

Top Tip: Last Three Months is How to Rent Your Dream Flat in London

Bring the last three months of Bank statements, previous rental agreement, utility bills and proof of salary/remuneration. Whatever paperwork you have that you think may help you get that lease signed, bring the last three months worth of them!

Your Employment Records – Fast Track to Renting in London

A full suite of documents from your employer will help smooth the path to rental bliss. Make sure you have a valid, current employment contract, a letter from your employer with your salary and length of the contract. It may not be needed, but rather have it than have to waste time trying to get one sent to you from home, your last tax return.

Top Tip: You can’t be over prepared when it comes to paperwork, especially if you’re moving to London from the US, or even further afield, Australia, or the Far East. Rather have everything and not need it all, than be stuck in London with no home.

how to rent a flat in london

How To Rent in London – References Needed

You may (will) be asked for references by either the estate agent, landlord or property owner. There may be a fee involved, especially if you’re going through an agent. Some agents and landlords will complete their own reference checks, but some will use a reputable referencing company. Pre-warn your character references that they can expect a call. At a minimum, I’d use an ex-employer, ex-landlord and possibly work or community colleague to testify as to your character… Which of course, is impeccable 🙂

Top Tip: At London Relocation, we’ll pre-reference you and prepare all of your paperwork ahead of your search day so you’re not caught short. We’ll also negotiate the lease agreement for you and make sure it’s in your favor.

Remember London Relocation works for you, and NOT the estate agents and landlords. Give us a call today – we’re here to help!

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