Many Americans desiring a fresh start ask how to move to London.  While there is no magic answer on how to best do this there are a few tried and true methods.  Any US citizen can apply for a tourist via which is good for up to six months.  This is great way to visit London and see if it is definitely where one wants to live.  If after a prolonged visit an American still wishes to relocate there are, primarily, three ways to legally move across the pond.

How to Move to London – Get a Job

Perhaps the easiest way to relocate is to be hired by a British company.  Once an American is hired by a company in the UK they can apply for a work visa and begin planning their move.  Just like with any job, Americans wanting to get a job with a British company should begin scouring the help-wanted ads and websites.  If one’s qualifications match the job advertised their citizenship should not matter.

How to Move to London – Go to School

Those accepted into schools in England also can move on a student visa.  There are many universities in England which any American student would be honored to attend.  For those unable to get accepted into a British school, going through a US school is also a way to study abroad in England.  Most American universities have a relationship with universities overseas so students can participate in international study.

How to Move to London – Transfer Work Locations

Finally, Americans wondering how to move to London should ask their employers if any jobs are available in England.  Transferring to a local branch of an American owned company is a very easy and painless way to relocate to England.  By staying with a US company a US employee living here can still be paid in dollars and enjoy the benefits of living in England without the hassle of work visas.

Regardless of how one decides to move here it will take time and planning to do it right.  After making the commitment to move several issues must be addressed like employment, housing, and transportation.  Before getting too far along in the process it would be wise for those wondering exactly how to move to London to contact reputable relocation services for advice.

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