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Once the job has been taken families often begin to wonder how to move to London and are eager to start their new life in England.  Many though have no idea where to begin and quickly become over-stressed and begin to resent the new move.  In order to prevent a meltdown occurring in your new home follow these easy ‘how to move to London’ steps to make the transition from the US to England as smooth as possible.

How to Move and Get Settled Step 1 – Before moving to London families should have completed a detailed list of everything coming with them from the states.  If that has been done, great, if not do it! Pronto!  After that list is created another list of what the family needs for everyday living can be created.  Go through your new home room by room to make sure nothing is overlooked.

How to Move and Get Settled Step 2 – At this point families are ready to get some shopping done.  Rather than go crazy at a market or department store try looking for pre-owned merchandise before buying new.  Much of the expense of an international relocation is in settling into a house.  Buying furniture alone can cost as much as an entire month’s salary!

How to Move and Get Settled Step 3 – Now that all the necessities are in your new home take the time to organize them.  It is very tempting to live out of a suitcase or box for far longer than necessary.  Spending a Saturday or Sunday thoroughly unpacking everything and creating permanent homes for each item will go a long way in making you feel settled.

How to Move and Get Settled Step 4 – As soon as possible upon arriving to London everyone in your family should register with a General Practioner as this is the rule for healthcare in London.  A London relocation agent can help with finding a list of open doctors in your neighborhood.

How to Move and Get Settled Step 5 – Once your new home is in some sort of order and a doctor has been chosen it is time to get out and explore your new city.  Regardless of what time of year you are moving to London there is plenty to do.  Try and avoid spending all your time alone in your home.  That only makes the transition that much harder.


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