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How to Find Property in London - Fast

New_SLIDER_LIVING_ROOM_aHow to Find Property in London? 

If you’re moving to London from abroad, you may be overwhelmed by the challenge of trying to find property in London from a distance. While the Internet is a marvellous resource and it will give you an idea of what areas you may like to live in and the type of property that may suit your requirements, you’ll soon see that the rental property market is somewhat different to what you’re used to.

Find Property in London Through An Estate Agent.

Yes and No. Many estate agents have excellent services for people moving to London from abroad, but the it’s important to note that each estate agent only holds stock for their specific area of London – not so convenient when you may want to view several properties in different areas of London before choosing your new home. If you do use the large property aggregators like Zoopla and Right Move (both excellent property search engines) you’ll still have to contact each agent individually and set up an appointment to view the flat. If you happen to fancy a property that is on the market through a different estate agent, you’ll have to repeat the process.

You can go to the estate agent direct and ask to see as many properties as you can, but it’ll just be in that area, or from the stock that the agent has on their books. THERE IS NO MLS IN LONDON.

New_SLIDER_KITCHEN_a_REVFind Property in London with London Relocation

We’re not an estate agent, though we work WITH ALL estate agents in London, FOR YOU.

  • We have over 120 estate agents in London who use our software and we show ALL properties to you.
  • As a client, after a full Needs Assessment we show you properties from ALL estate agents, that fit your needs and you choose the ones you love.
  • Just as soon as you have done that, we contact the estate agents FOR YOU and arrange a Viewing Day, where you’ll see 18 – 25 properties on ONE DAY to find the one that will be your new home.

The Advantages

  • We literally exhaust the property market to find you a home
  • You have 120 estate agents in London actively working on your home search
  • We have access to properties that don’t ever make it to the search sites (London property moves super-fast!)

We have the property market in London, covered.

Just for YOU.

Whether you’re looking for rentals in West London, apartments in the centre of London, or a family home to rent in North London we have all properties for you to view!
If you’d like to find out more about how to guarantee you find property in London for your relocation in 2015, please contact our Senior Move Coach Corrina on +44 207 993 0422 (UK) or  1-800-903-1658 (Toll Free US & Canada).

Our service is 100% guaranteed and we place over 98% of our clients in just One Day.




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