A whole blog on how to find parking in London?

You betcha! It’s not only an important part of your choice of neighborhood, home and whether or not you’re actually going to even need a car in London

Fact: Living in London is fascinating, exhilarating and often frustrating if you are a newcomer. London is a busy, cosmopolitan city and you’ll love living here once you’ve adjusted to the pace and dynamic of the city.


If you’re moving to London then you’ll have heard all about how it is impossible to drive a car in the city of London, not only is it rush hour all day long, the government charges you to drive the city streets! The public transport system in London is efficient as well as good value for money, but if you absolutely insist on having a car, keeping it on the roads is the least of your problems. The bigger problem is keeping the car parked – and paying for the parking spot!

Finding parking close to your new London rental can be a little like looking for buried treasure; you know it’s there somewhere and yet you never seem to find it.

How to Find Parking in London – Top Travel Tips

For travel into London you should find out about the streets with free parking that are located close to the major tube stations. You can use your mobile phone to get a street reference. If your destination is not close to a tube station, then you can always rent a parking space from various companies who offer their services on the web. Mush less than you’d usually pay, but still a hefty monthly charge for the convenience of being able to park in the street three blocks away from a station!

You might be able to find parking close to your London apartment, by contacting your local council for a map of the controlled parking zones. Most areas inside the congestion zone have residents’ parking that is available for a fee.


If you’re going to leave it to chance, then you’d best get a London A-Z (everyone has one) and find out about streets that have parking zones, and when you are allowed to park.

Even if you do manage to find the mythical parking spot on any given day, you’ll have to be prepared for a hefty charge and chances are that it’ll still be quite a walk from where you want to be.

Top Tip: Factor your parking needs into your apartment or home search from the get-go. Let your Move Coach know when you start your Needs Assessment, so they can help you define your neighborhood choices and ultimately, your choice of flat

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