London is considered one of the major financial capitals of the world and, therefore, is quite attractive to a variety of businesses looking to relocate in order to gain the advantages of reaching Europe markets and beyond. Employees who relocate with such companies require London homes in which to move families and belongings.

However, housing prices are quite high in most of the city and finding deals can be difficult at best. Problems with searching for London homes are compounded by the numerous boroughs that all contain residential areas where available homes might be found. It can be extremely difficult for those relocating to successfully find good values on homes in good areas. Therefore, we are offering some tips on how to determine what is a good value on London homes and where to look in order to find them.

How to Determine Value

It is difficult enough for Londoners looking for good values on homes in the city let alone those coming from other countries or even areas within the UK. Prices are renowned for being high in the UK’s capital so the only way to know what is a fair price when searching for London homes on your own is to determine the fair value price.

In order to determine if you are getting a fair price on a home, you need to know the square foot value. Both real estate agents and developers use the square foot value as a set measure on a property’s overall worth. When it comes to London homes, square foot values are typically around £400 per square foot in lower priced areas such as Lewisham and can be as high as £4000 per square foot in upscale neighborhoods such as Mayfair.

Those relocating with companies should research the square foot values instead of the solely relying on the asking prices of London homes. This will help you in determining average value of the various areas and keep you from paying too much above the true worth of a home.

Where to Find Bargains

There are some noticeable shifts in the housing market occurring throughout London due to housing price fluctuations. For example, those in Chelsea are moving to Fulham while residents of Fulham are picking up and moving to Balham and Battersea to find better values on homes. It can be difficult to keep up with such shifts and know where the best values lie in your price range.

At the moment, the central zones have some value areas such as South Bank riverside, Elephant and Castle, and even the triangle located between the Bermondsey/Borough/Bridge areas. These are excellent places to look if you want to nestle into the downtown area.

Developments in other sections of the city are also sparking residential development and, thus, good deals. Westminster, Farrington, Victoria, Murano and Holborn are good places to search that lie in or around booming technology, financial, and fashion sectors. Those desiring to find London homes near the waterfront may find pleasing properties near the Royal Docks where a huge 12 mile area is being developed close to Stratford and Canary Wharf.

Leave the Home Hunting to Us

If you don’t have time to search for properties in the city before making your relocation, contact London Relocation Services for help in both locating and negotiating the best prices on London homes. Our representatives have a keen knowledge of the various boroughs and neighborhoods and can find available homes in areas you want to settle.

We also offer a variety of relocation services that can save your both time and hassle. Count on us for such services as moving, document assistance, orientation, and more.

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