One of the top priorities of London relocation is to find adequate housing. Normally, “adequate” includes numerous important factors such as affordability (right price), safety (good neighborhood), accessibility (transportation, shopping, and other nearby hubs), and convenience (close proximity to work, university, etc). If you can’t meet these basic housing requirements then you will spend more money on higher rent and transportation, or add higher risk to getting robbed or assaulted.

Where, Oh Where, Do I Live?

There are 33 boroughs that make up the capital. Some are geared more towards the upper end (Kensington & Chelsea) while others rank lower and contain dodgy areas that probably should be avoided (parts of Hackney). With so many districts covering so much territory, it can be somewhat overwhelming for a newcomer to locate and choose London apartments for rent.

First of all, you should keep in mind that rent prices in the city rank as some of the highest compared with other cities of the world. Of course, that makes finding less expensive London flats or apartments an even higher priority. Even if you are contemplating buying London property, you will find that house prices are also quite high in comparison to other major cities.

Picking Price and Property Type

What you pay in rent for housing in London depends on one major factor, location. Generally speaking, rent is higher in the Center and eastern section since these are the most developed and house the majority of corporate bases. However, the trend has been moving towards the West and Northwest sections, especially since the 2008 financial crisis which has caused a downturn in the once dominating financial sections.

There are two types of rental classifications: 1) Private rentals which consist of an individual landlord or company that owns apartments and rents them out to tenants or 2) Owner-occupied rentals which consist of apartments of London flats for rent by the owner who lives in the building or house. Newcomers can often get better deals on owner-occupied rentals since there is less overhead expense.

Another housing option is in housesharing or flatsharing. These are available when people who already rent apartments or flats want to acquire a roommate to help share expenses. This is usually a much cheaper means of obtaining housing for the newcomer since expenses are split between two or more people. This choice often allows you to live in much nicer areas that would be out of reach financially if you only rented by yourself.

Hire a Relocation Consultant

Due to the vast amount of uncertainties, it is advisable for newcomers to acquire the help of a company that specializes in London relocation assistance. Consultants of such companies know the areas, are privy to the going rental rates, and have the means to negotiate good deals.

Relocation consultants can also help newcomers with a variety of other tasks such as shipping items, obtaining the correct paperwork, providing information on transportation, culture, jobs market, etc. Consultants will provide everything necessary to ensure that those moving to London are set up in a new home and quickly integrated into their new society

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