Three Great Stores for Foodies – Grocery Shops in London

If you’re at all familiar with London you know that our city is no longer solely home to fish and chip joints (although, we have plenty of them and we encourage you to try them!). London, like New York City, is home to some of the best fine dining in the world. From the experimental to the traditional -from French food to Bangladeshi food- we have it all! If you’re moving to London there are many daily things that will of a sudden become big adventures.

Don’t Fret, Shop Gourmet! Grocery Shops in London to Tickle Your Tastebuds

grocery shops in London

Last week, we gave you expats five essential tips for adjusting to life in London.

Whether you are moving from Australia, Germany, France or beyond, if you followed our advice, you’ll be true Londoner in no-time! Often, the hardest part about moving is finding an apartment, and finding a flat in London is difficult. Luckily you can worry about finding a café to call your “deuxième maison,” while we worry about finding you an apartment. We know that finding a new routine and settling in a new city isn’t always easy.

What’s a London Foodie To Do?

London Relocation, from finding your flat to offering up fabulous tips, is trying to save the tedious work for you (including, helping you settle AFTER you move to London!
That’s why this week, we’re sharing some of the best places to grocery shop in London. Of course, to make things more exciting, we’ve tailored our list to feature the best of the best. Artisan? Heavenly? We’ve got you covered. So, for the newly minted London expat, and the food-obsessed, here are three grocery/food/gourmet shops that will make your foodie hearts rejoice!

1. Borough Market near the London Bridge

London is home to many outdoor markets, but Borough is arguably the greatest. It’s one of the largest, but that doesn’t mean this marketplace has traded quality for quantity. Borough market is one of my favorite grocery shops in London. At Borough you’ll find some of London’s best foodstuffs, and a variety of them too. You’ll find the obvious produce but also coffee, proteins, homemade breads, and more!

2. Camisa in Soho

ottolenghi grocery shops in London

According to Camisa’s website, “if you’re after authentic Italian ingredients, served to you by real Italians in a properly Italian setting in the heart of Soho,” you’ve found it! Having shopped at this market, I can confirm that this is not false advertising. If you are in anyway enchanted by Italian food Camisa is a must-see. It’s the best place to buy pastas, sauces, Parmesan, and any other Italian, kitchen must-have. Bonus is that the staff is friendly and more than willing to offer suggestions for the curious but inexperienced Italian cook.

3. Ottolenghi in Belgravia

ottolenghi grocery shops in London

Probably the most expensive shop on our list, Ottolenghi is the place to go if you’re prepared to splurge. With multiple locations around London, you’re bound to find one close by. We love this shop because it’s unquestionably gourmet. Their prepared salads are exquisite, and they are stocked full of London’s best fruits & vegetables. But our little description doesn’t adequately capture this shop’s glamour. Browse the Ottolenghi website and prepare your shopping trip.

We hope you are excited to fill-up your new London refrigerator with some amazing food…Happy cooking new Londoners!

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