Ah London! This beautiful gem of the UK attracts hundreds of thousands of people to its glistening lights and fanciful style of living every single year. If you have every considered relocating to this magical city but just haven’t made up your mind then here are some great reasons to pack up your belongings and begin the process of moving to London from U.S.

Reason #1 – Great Sites – Both London and the UK are absolutely full of wonderful sites that are both historical and natural, most of which are accessible within a day’s journey. Many castles, cathedrals, homes, and more are unspoiled and still provide that eerie feeling that you have stepped back in time. Dozens of trips can be made by those moving to London from U.S. which will keep you busy exploring for years to come.

Reason #2 – Different Culture – Although the UK is an English speaking country, the culture is quite different than that of the U.S. By moving to London from U.S., you will learn to appreciate and enjoy an entirely different culture as well as pick up new customs and utter new slang. Plus, London is filled with sub-cultural classes of folks who have also relocated to the city from around the world so you will have the chance to interact with them as well.

Reason #3 – Beer Lovers Paradise – If you love sipping on great beers and ales then you will surely love this grand city. Local pubs lie at the heart of this culture and you can’t throw a rock without hitting one. Also, pubs are quite different from U.S. bars. English pubs are social meeting locations where mates can get together, watch football (soccer), throw darts and play snooker, and chat about social and political issues, all while chugging on a delicious ale. Pubs are an excellent place to make new mates!

Reason #4 – Exciting and Efficient Transportation System – Wherever you need or want to go throughout the city, an exciting and efficient transportation system will take you there. The London Underground (Tube), overland railways, single or double-decker buses and fancy taxis are all viable sources of getting around.

Reason #5 – Great Benefits – The UK offers those moving to London from U.S. a slower and more peaceful way of life as well as a much lower crime rate. The overall living pace is slower, people tend to get off work at 5pm and not work weekends. Also, those living and working in Britain get around six weeks of wonderful vacation that can be used to get out and see the sites and enjoy family and friends. Universal health care is also a big plus for living here.

Reason #6 – Cheap Travel to Europe – Once you’ve had your fill of British sightseeing, you can cheaply and easily travel to other countries within the European Union. Take a ferry to France and then enjoy the scenery as you travel to Germany, Italy, Poland, or other destinations by rail or plane.

If you’re ready to start your moving to London from U.S. adventure, contact one of our consultants for assistance with the entire relocation process. You won’t regret it!

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