Brits are a fun loving bunch, always looking for a new way to add a little competitive spirit to just about any activity. If you’re relocating to London from the United States or other non-British culture, you will surely enjoy playing some of the following sports that are “simply British”. There should be plenty of opportunities for playing such sports located near available London flats and London apartments for rent.


In the UK, the pub is a happy place to hang out, drink a good ale (or 10) and socialize with mates. However, according to British style, you can’t just sit on a stool. No sir, you also have to create some sort of fun competition to go with your lager pastime.

Darts happen to be a popular way to temp competitors into buying more drinks (Brits are good dart throwers so beware!). It’s not only bull’s eye darts either. You can indulge in Cricket where you have to clear a set of numbers, or Shanghai in which you have to complete all numbers in 20 shots (of a dart, that is).

Eating Contests

Leave it to the Brits to make wolfing down good food a competitive sport. Of course, Americans have picked this one up too so those moving to London from the U.S. won’t have too much of a disadvantage.

The contest usually entails gobbling down one kind of food (ribs, pies, etc) in the fastest possible time. Some businesses have successfully used this “sport” as a good marketing tool. For example, the Red Dog Saloon challenges anyone to devour their Devastator Burger in less than 10 minutes to get it for free. Sound easy? Think again. The monster contains 200 grams of pulled pork, three all-meat patties, and six each of bacon strips and cheese slices.


Mostly found in pubs nowadays, snooker used to be a gentleman’s game and is much like pool only horribly different. The game consists of 15 red balls and six colored balls. The objective is to first drop a red ball and then a colored ball. The other balls act to block or “snooker” shots. Oh yes, and the pockets are much narrower than a standard pool table. Enjoy!


No, it’s not the colorful candy, but a game similar to bowling. Big difference is that instead of using a ball, Londoners use a cheese-shaped hardwood wedge to throw at the pins.

The objective is to knock down all nine pins in the least number of throws. Might sound kind of “cheesy”, but it’s a lot of fun. Go ahead, throw the cheese!


Another bowling-like game is this French version called Petanque. Only instead of rolling balls, you throw them. And instead of throwing at pins, you pitch large metal balls at one small ball called a “jack”. Hmm not really like bowling at all.

This game can be played practically anywhere and two teams consist of between two to six competitors. If you find housing in London close to Hay’s Galleria or Parliament Hill, you can visit pitches there.

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