Whether one is checking out London neighborhoods in search of a new home or just to learn more about the city, there are many wonderful gems tucked amid the busy London streets.  Chelsea is a wonderful neighborhood tucked away in the South of the city with a rich and colorful history.  When planning a London neighborhoods tour newcomers to the city should put Chelsea at the top of the list.

Chelsea’s Royal History

Originally a rural area outside of London Chelsea was popular among England’s most elite.  As London neighborhoods go Chelsea was one of the original ‘hot spots’ as King’s Road, a private road built for King Charles II, ran through it.  After the industrial boom of the nineteenth century Chelsea became more populated though never losing its appeal to the wealthy.  During the Victorian era Chelsea became a Bohemian magnet and was known throughout all the London neighborhoods for producing some of England’s most prominent artists and authors.

Swinging Chelsea

Chelsea once again took the spotlight during the 1960s and 1970s as being home to the Swinging movement.  Of all the neighborhoods influenced by the popular culture of the 1960s Chelsea was, by far, the most likely location to find movie and music stars wandering its streets.  Commonly seen walking the streets of Chelsea were the likes of Twiggy, Keith Richards, and the Beatles.  During that same time Punk was born deep within Chelsea.

Chelsea Today

After the 1970s the world, and England, quieted down.  Chelsea once again gained popularity as one of the most posh neighborhoods and began attracting famous residents.  Although some of the grandeur of the Swinging days still remain in shops lining King’s Road most of Chelsea has been overrun by multi-national retailers.  Modern movie stars and recording artists still have homes in Chelsea.

While it is likely that most people moving here will be considering more affordable neighborhoods than Chelsea, it is still fun for them to visit the quirky neighborhood.  With such a rich history spanning centuries there is sure to be something of interest within the streets of one of the most famous neighborhoods.

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