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When you’re moving to London there’s nothing like getting some good advice from a professional! Of course, London Relocation is a team of expert expats (we’ve all moved to London at least once) but I’m talking about the hundreds of blogs you’ll find written by people who’ve made the move to the UK and who have somehow survived and are thriving in London!

Here are four of our favorite monthly. weekly and daily expat blogs – London Relocation’s Top Blogs

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Call Me Katie

– Katie grew up in New England and now lives in London, England. Her blog is a delightful journey of her travels, not just in England and Europe, but as far afield as Brazil! She has some great advice for Americans moving to the UK and how to really get settled into life in London as opposed to being just a visitor.

expat blogs london


is an outstanding, modern blog about how to survive being an American in London. It’s one of my favorite reads and a great source of decor inspiration and top advice for expats in London. I especially loved her recent blog entitled TRAVEL TALK: WHY IT’S 100% OKAY TO “LOOK LIKE A TOURIST”loads of fun and yes… Tourists FTW!

Mommy Goes Mummy

is a fantastic blog if you’re considering moving to London with children. It’s funny, touching, poignant and taps into the trials, challenges and absolute joy of parenting children abroad. Her category on expat life will give you real insight into the journey that you may be facing soon.

expat blogs london relocation


is a travel blog written by an Australian living in London. Terribly funny and with lots of advice for Ozzies moving to the UK. Her London Life Lessons offer some really great tips on how to survive your first year in London!

Reading blogs by other people who have done exactly what you’re going to be doing this year. There is a massive expat community in London, very supportive and a big help when you’re so far from home.

Happy reading!

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