Now that you’ve moved to London and have begun settling into your flat or home the family is probably antsy to start exploring the city and all the London neighborhoods.  Although as American expats you’re not technically tourists there is no harm in learning all about your city as a tourist does.  One of the most exciting and affordable ways to get a quick lesson on London neighborhoods and hotspots is to take a bus tour.

Iconic to London double decker buses are one of the most popular tourist activities and for good reason.  In just a short trip riders on the bus can see many, if not most, of the London famous landmarks including Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the London Eye.  On top of all that many London neighborhoods will be travelled through.  Although tourists may not appreciate the drive through Chelsea or Notting Hill an American expat recently relocated to London sure will!

Many of the tours offered allow visitors to hop on and off different busses so that they can sightsee at various locations.  Not only is this a good way to see some of London’s most impressive historical landmarks, it is also a way for newcomers to the city to experience neighborhoods without the anxiety of taking the right tube or finding their way by car.

If you have not yet moved to London a double decker bus tour is an excellent opportunity to get to learn the city. Those who haven’t quite decided in which London neighborhoods they might like to buy or rent a home can use a bus tour to explore all of the city’s boroughs and get and feel for the layout of London.   After narrowing down the search a London relocation agent can help locate available homes.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already moved or are still in the planning stage a tour of London and it’s neighborhoods by bus is an affordable and fun way to learn all about the city.  With a variety of tours ranging from celebrity themed to historically-based available your family will surely find what they are looking for.  Exploring  neighborhoods is the best way to begin to acclimate to your new hometown.

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