Families and individuals moving to London from America often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a suitable rental property to live in during their stay.  While it’s understandable to feel confused, especially if moving to London from America and having never visited before the move, there are some easy ways to lessen the confusion and prepare for the rental process so as to reduce unexpected surprises.

Before moving to London from America a list of mandatory and desired attributes in a new home should be created.  This list should not be a casual mark-up but rather time and thought should be devoted to guarantee all of a person’s needs are met after moving to London from America.  Depending on the number of people in the family and ages of said family members the items on the list will vary greatly.

Work Location – No matter if one is moving to London from America by themselves or with an entire family knowing the new location of one’s job is the first step in narrowing down the rental property search.

Home Size – If an expat is making the move to London by themselves there will be very few flats too small for them.  If one does require a larger flat they should make sure to note the smallest size they will accept.  Families need to be realistic in their demands and understand that homes in London are much smaller than the typical American home.

School Locations – Families must do a bit of research into schools before finding a rental property.  Once a school has been found, depending on the age of the child and their ability to ride the Tube alone, the home search can be narrowed down to include nearby neighborhoods.

Activities and Hobbies – The last consideration when looking for a rental property in London should be its proximity to leisure activities.  Examples of this would be a home’s proximity to a park if one is an avid walker or has young children.  Or if an individual plans  on enjoying London’s nightlife a flat near popular clubs may be a good decision.

While rental property cannot always be in the exact neighborhood one wants it can be relatively close if a family or individual is willing to make some concessions.  After making a thoughtful list of requirements a call a relocation service.  They will be happy to discuss the upcoming move and help find a flat for anyone moving from America.


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