Moving to London can be a scary prospect for many families.  There are so many neighborhoods to choose from and knowing which one is right for one’s family is a bit of an art.  Most families have probably spent countless hours scouring the internet trying to learn as much as possible about the various parts of London in an effort to find just the right spot.  One brand new option and perfect for those moving here, is completely new neighborhood being built by IKEA.

To coincide with the 2012 Olympics IKEA has announced that they are building an entirely self-sufficient neighborhood just south of the Olympic park in Stratford, East London.  Although the homes are not ready yet IKEA is building 1,200 homes with almost half having three bedrooms or more, perfect for families moving to London.

The village will utilize non-automobile methods of transportation utilizing public transportation and pedestrian walkways.  A series of canals will run through the village offering residents many water-based attractions like floating bars and boat rides.  Those moving to London and planning on owning a vehicle need not worry, however, as IKEA will provide a cavernous underground garage to stow cars nearby yet out of site.

In an effort to promote pedestrian traffic IKEA will include in their new village grocery stores, department stores, medical offices and nurseries for children.  Theoretically, residents will have everything they need within walking distance.  This is an ideal environment for those moving, especially those with families.

Although the project will not be fully completed for five years now is a good time for interested parties planning on moving in the future to inquire and possible make plans to move to the IKEA neighborhood.  Not only will the homes be brand new they will also be designed with families in mind, something that many flats are not.

This exciting new project is a first for the furniture manufacturer, IKEA, and the world will be watching to see how it all turns out.  For those fortunate enough to have time to plan before moving this is a chance of a lifetime!

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