For those moving to London from America with infants or toddlers diapers are a very important part of life.  Despite the inconvenience diapers, diaper bags and all accessories may cause for a family may parents, both American and English, choose to use cloth diapers.  There are many reasons parents may choose cloth whether it is environmental, baby skin sensitivity or cost, but whatever the reason most moving to London from America will be pleased to discover cloth nappies are quite the craze.

Depending on what size of a city a family comes from before moving to London from America there may or may not have been a diaper laundry service.  One of the benefits of moving to a city as large as London is several laundry services from which to choose.  Any family with experience washing and drying cloth diapers knows it’s a big commitment and often is delighted to discover a service is available.

For some parents with babies moving to London from America a nappy laundry service is just what they need to convince them to go natural and begin using cloth nappies.  Understandably an international relocation plus new jobs to start plus learning London’s transportation systems plus young children in the home often leaves little time for washing dirty diapers.  By having a service which picks up dirty diapers at one’s front door and exchanges them for clean ones many busy families moving to London from America are finally able to make the Earth-saving switch from disposable to reusable.

The trend of cloth diapers is growing in the United States but many rural areas are still primarily using disposable diapers.  In England it seems more people have converted to cloth nappies making them much easier to find and many more laundry services available.  This is also helpful for families moving to London from America because more competition means lower prices.  One service I found that thoroughly impressed me was Nappy Ever After.  Not only do they sell cloth nappies and provide an affordable laundry service, they do it with a totally electric van. This kind of commitment to their cause is impressive.

Regardless of whether parents have used cloth before or have even considered it as a real option for their baby when moving from America at least inquiring into cloth nappies and related laundry services would be a great way to acclimate oneself to the London culture and help reduce waste.

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