One of the things that shock most moving to London from America is how small the homes and their yards are.  For any expat moving to London from America, especially from a smaller city or rural area, land is taken for granted.  In London, as in much of Europe, land comes at a premium and most homes have very small yards (or gardens as the British call them).  Instead of complaining about the lack of green space those moving to London from America should embrace what space they do have be it a patch of grass behind a house or a patio on a flat.

One of the easiest ways to utilize a small outdoor space is to create a container garden.  These beautiful and practical gardens add color to a patio and can provide homegrown produce year round if cultivated properly.  They also make a wonderful hobby for anyone of any age moving to London from America.  There are many options to choose from when deciding upon the right container garden for one’s family.  Depending on one’s familiarity with growing plants, the hardiness of the plants chosen and the size of the container garden one can grow enough herbs, vegetables or fresh flowers for an entire year.

All containers have one thing in common – a container.  Unlike traditional gardens all the items are grown in a container above ground.  Container size depends on the plant inside it.  There are many wonderful books and internet sites with guides on what size container is needed for each plant.  Those moving to London from America can also seek expert advice from local greenhouses and nurseries. Popular plants for container gardens are strawberries, flowers and herbs of all varieties, tomatoes, carrots, and lettuces.  After a container of the right size is chosen it must be filled with topsoil and fertilizer. At that point the plants are planted the same as if they were in the ground.

Sometimes after moving from America individuals need a hobby to devote their free time.  Container gardening is a popular choice and also a good way to meet others in one’s new city.  During harvest time one may chose to can or freeze their excess or simply enjoy it with new friends.  Regardless of what is grown in a container garden anyone moving to London from America will reap the bounty in more than one way.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS