If you haven’t yet figured out that London is the city for you, you’re in luck because here at London Relocation we can not only help you find your dream home but we’ll also give you a million reasons as to why this city is the perfect city for you.

Just in case you’re not set on a particular area in London, be prepared to fall in love with the East!

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Great news! You’re moving to the greatest city in the world… Now all you have to do is figure out WHERE you want to live in that city. As previously stated in an earlier blog post, London is huge! London is a major metropolitan city that is home to 8.5 million people and is filled with tons of living options. With so many living options available to you, it’s a good thing you’ve come across our company which can help you find the best London neighborhood perfect for your needs.

The Trendy East

Our best London neighborhood guide – East London Suburbs

East London is a huge section of London stretching all the way to the northern part of the River Thames. East London is home to many different people including students, families, and professionals. More recently East London has become a trendy hub for younger people, especially in area’s in Tower Hamlets. Other notable areas in East London include Hackney and Newham, for their history and attractions.

Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets consists of many bustling neighborhoods including Canary Wharf and Spitalfields. These neighborhoods are chock full of pubs, restaurants and other nightlife! Though these neighborhoods may share an abundance of things to do and see, they each hold their own character and charm for different reasons. Whether you’re a young professional, student, family etc. East London is sure to have the best London neighborhood for you.

Canary Wharf, a major business location that many bankers and other professionals call home is chock full of buildings of all shapes and sizes. One building in particular, One Canada Square, held the title of being the tallest building in the UK for twenty years but was surpassed by The Shard building in 2012. Many big companies such as J.P. Morgan, Barclays and HSBC, all have made Canary Wharf home to their European headquarters. If high-rise buildings aren’t enough to make you think that Canary Wharf is the perfect London neighborhood for you, the amount of shopping available might just change your mind. Canary Wharf boats five malls and 120 different shops! That alone is enough to make anyone pack their bags.

Spitalfields, though sometimes a touristy area, is a bustling neighborhood where you will surely never be bored. I must warn you though, if markets are not your forte then Spitalfields may not be the best London neighborhood for you. However, if freshly grown produce, fashion, food vendors and more is something you enjoy, then Spitalfields is perfect for you. There are multiple markets located in Spitalfields but the two largest and most well known are Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane Market, both complete with food, fashion and fun!


Hackney, London is an area for all! From it’s edgier art museums and pop ups to it’s sleek bars and restaurants and even it’s family friendly markets and tourist attractions, Hackney has it all. Hackney is home to multiple tourist attractions including the  Learning and Technology Centre, the Hackney Empire, the Town Hall Square and the Burberry outlet. Some popular areas in Hackney include Dalston and Chatham.

Dalston may not seem like much at first sight but the area is full of delicious eats, nightlife and more. One bar in particular, Dalston Roof Park has been on multiple best bar lists and is said to be a must see if you are ever in the area. Dalston Roof Park is a rooftop bar that changes up its look every couple of years. This rooftop bar currently is decked out with bean bags, graffitied walls and more retro vibes! When the bar isn’t in full swing at night, the space is used for yoga sessions and music performances.

Chatham is not a huge area but has most recently been labeled as an up and coming shopping destination, so the area has been buzzing more often. Take a look at this great property we found in the area! Located on Chatham Place Street is London’s famous Burberry outlet where you can find Burberry merchandise at a discounted price. Other shopping in Chatham includes boutique style shops and markets. Outside of shopping, Chatham area is close to pubs and other amenities that are sure to make Hackney the best London neighborhood for you!


This five mile long borough is just east of the city of London, and just north of the River Thames. More famously known for hosting the 2012 Olympics, Newham is a cultural hub and is said to be the most diverse borough in London! Attractions in this area include: the Theatre Royal Stratford East, Abbey Mills Pumping Station, and the Thames Barrier. Neighborhood highlights in Newham include East Ham and Stratford.

Stratford is home to mainly city commuters and younger people. Since the jubilee line was extended, Stratford is said to be one of the most connected areas of East London since the overground, Jubilee and Central lines all stop here. The area has many large buildings and tower blocks. This buzzing neighborhood always has something going on. During leisure time you can enjoy a trip to the Stratford Circus or the Theatre Royal, not to mention a number of different shops and pubs!

East Ham is quieter than other areas in Newham but  boasts a vast array of open green spaces and parks such as The East Ham Nature Reserve and Brampton Park. The East Ham Nature Reserve is home to many different types of animals and greenery and is an attraction you won’t want to miss! Brampton Park, though small is complete with a playground, basketball court and pool. With the 2012 Olympics held in the area, many Newham neighborhoods have seen more interest with the younger crowds. Though East Ham is not as bustling as other neighborhoods in East London, the neighborhood still has multiple pubs and many different varieties of restaurants including Thai, Indian, Chinese, Caribbean and more. East Ham is the perfect London neighborhood for you if you enjoy a quieter area with many green spaces but still enjoy going out and having a great time!

No matter your style of living, East London is sure to have the best London neighborhood perfect for all of your needs. Call Corrina at London Relocation about your move to London today!

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