A vast majority of people enjoy a cup of coffee daily. With that being said, it’s not always possible to have it at home, making brick and mortar stores the next viable option. Coffee places are different, and they all have unique qualities that meet customers’ preferences by making their days bright. If you are a coffee drinker, you’ve probably visited a coffee outlet that leaves you feeling incomplete. The sad reality is that no amount of coffee can compare to quality customer service, and that’s why it’s essential to know what exactly it is you are looking for in a coffee place.

Nowadays, coffee shops are more than just fine, a well-designed establishments where people get their regular dose of caffeine. It’s a place where millennials go to work, turning it into a makeshift workspace as they enjoy the available facilities and beverages offered. However, this is not the case for all coffee places, and the following qualities can help you narrow down a suitable coffee shop for you.


Great Coffee

Well, this might sound obvious, but not all coffee that’s offered at the coffee shop has a pleasant taste. It is vital to inquire about the type of coffee beans the shop uses since they determine the quality of the final product. High-grade coffee beans combined with brewing expertise go a long way in ensuring you get your money’s worth and a great experience. Every coffee shop has a menu that shows the variety of coffee beans used, helping you figure out if that coffee shop is worth coming back to every day. There are many trends in the coffee industry, and trying something new is encouraged to expand your list of preferred coffee drinks.


Appropriate Equipment

While it’s possible to get an amazing espresso or latte from a generic coffee machine, modern coffee places invest in cutting-edge equipment. Quality coffee-making equipment ensures that the coffee beans are ground to perfection, guaranteeing an exquisite cup of coffee. Although most people don’t care about what is used to make the coffee, identifying the equipment used makes a big difference.



Nobody likes queueing for a long time, especially when you are in a rush to get your daily dose of caffeine. While this might be true, traffic in a particular coffee shop speaks volumes about its product and service. Regular traffic is an excellent way of discovering a coffee place with the best coffee and top-notch services. Traffic can also help you identify places to avoid since people usually flock to places they can get their money’s worth.



Good coffee shops go the extra mile to ensure their customers are comfortable by turning their establishment into a welcoming setting. This means focusing on breathtaking interior design, cleanliness, and a range of other amenities for an unmatched cozy ambiance. Space is also a vital factor to consider when it comes to furniture sets and the availability of natural lighting. Top coffee places ensure ample space for the customers to relax and unwind over a hot cup of coffee.

Knowledgeable and Amiable Baristas

Barista’s play a vital role in ensuring the coffee is nothing short of excellent, but that’s not the only they are good for. Baristas should avail customers with pertinent information to help them discover their coffee preferences and enhance their experience at the coffee shop. They possess extensive industry knowledge that can be quite helpful if you have any coffee-related questions as your cup is being prepared from the various types of coffee beans offered to some of the popular options if it’s your first time visiting a coffee shop.



Convenience refers to focusing on the small things that have the biggest impact on improving customer experience. In today’s digital age, not everyone has time to visit a coffee shop, which has led coffee shops to provide customers the ability to order online. Aside from ordering your favorite type of coffee online, adding Wi-Fi and sufficient electrical outlets to a coffee shop enhances convenience for users enjoying the available facilities.



Sometimes a cup of coffee goes down better when a delicious pastry or snack accompanies it. Nowadays, coffee places have expanded their menu to include a range of treats, which can be an advantage if you prefer having a snack with your coffee. Whether you prefer a creamy blueberry scone or a pie, some coffee places have an in-house pastry chef to ensure you enjoy your cup of coffee.


Time is Money

As a customer, you should access fast services without compromising quality. Queueing for a couple of minutes is a small price to pay for quality coffee, but waiting for a long time can also be frustrating and inconvenient. After visiting several coffee places, you can determine the most convenient in terms of efficient services.


The Best Coffee Places in London

London is among the places where coffee is highly regarded; although not every cup matches the quality of Seattle or Melbourne, many outlets offer an exceptional cup of coffee. Most of the leading coffee places in London get their inspiration and quality beans from roasters across Europe and other parts of the world.

The ever-increasing number of coffee places across London has led to diverse beverages being offered, with most shops serving specialty drinks. Specialty drinks include turmeric, chai, or decafs like smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and vegan coffee. If you are looking for a new favorite coffee place in London, below are some of the best establishments for you to try.


39 Steps Coffee Haus

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lie-time experience, 39 Steps Coffee Haus has set the bar. This is a specialty coffee joint based in Soho specializing in a wide range of freshly roasted beans served in hot and cold forms. They offer various coffee-based products, from cortados and mochas to standard lattes and flat white.

The coffee shop has a cozy ambiance that provides you an opportunity to enjoy the amazing beverages and foods, making it an excellent addition to London’s java scene. Customers who prefer more offbeat options can also enjoy various beverages such as house-made thick cold coffee fresh shakes, iced Americanos, and espresso with tonic (coffee tonics). You can also enjoy a tall glass of rocket juice that reveals a creamy texture and a deep, dark flavor. Lastly, they have a specialty drink called the coffee cherry soda, an infusion of sparkling water, and the fruit’s skin.


Allpress Espresso

This winning corner coffee place is always busy because of the quality coffee. This establishment’s elegant, modern design has the roaster at one end and tables and the counter at the other. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, Allpress Espresso has become a fast-rising catering scene that caters to all kinds of customers from families, local business owners, and residents who enjoy a cup of coffee as they read the newspaper. With most people opting for takeaway, the queue is usually long, and customers can wait for a while as they wait for their order.

The long queues are an indication that the coffee is terrific whether you prefer espresso-based or filter. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about ordering a plain espresso if you don’t like the extremes of long roasting time of leaves, beans, dark chocolate, and flavors from berries. On the filter side, the baristas at Allpress Espresso ensure that the coffee is brewed to perfection, making it suitable for leisure sipping. This establishment offers a range of baked foods comparable to pastry shops, ensuring there’s something for everyone.



This is a modern, little coffee place located at Hammersmith Flyover and brings a touch of Sydney’s Bondi Beach and Melbourne laneways to London. Antipode is a well-rounded coffee place that uses Square Mile’s classic Red Brick for their espresso, allowing them to switch between Nude and SM single origins for pour-overs.

The inventive-sounding menu is best suited for brunches, such as kimchi and cheddar toastie, which happens to be their best seller. If all that doesn’t make you want to try it, they have incorporated ace Aussie craft beers into their beverage collection.



What makes Artisan stand out is the sunny, sky-filled view you are treated to at the west London intersection. Despite being located on a busy London street, it’s an exceptional coffee place where you can enjoy something to eat and drink. The establishment is suited for a wide range of clientele, from small groups to individuals of all ages. The coffee beans used at Artisan are acquired from Allpress and are brewed to perfection by the skilled baristas to excellent effect.

If you close your eyes and take a sip of the delicious, perfectly-made espresso, you’d forget you are in Stamford Brook. The team at Artisan goes above and beyond to ensure you feel as if you are taking a cup of coffee at Allpress headquarters in Shoreditch.

The coffee place has a warm and pleasant design, with large two-sided windows, down-home furnishing, and high ceilings. They also provide a range of baked goods and the famous sprightly sandwiches, which enhance the experience of every customer.

The Association

This is a backstreet coffee shop located at the heart of the square mile and is London’s caffeinated scene gem. The Association has a well-designed establishment with stripped industrial interiors, stylish pin-legged furniture, and patterned table-tops.

When it comes to their coffee, they have a Red Brick blend of the espresso, giving it a rocket-fuel and citrussy-sharp feel that’s perfect for knocking down a pastry. They have a great little selection of pastry options for you to choose from, ensuring you have the best time possible.


Chief Coffee

There’s more to this unique coffee house than meets the eye. Aside from the high-quality coffees made from Drop Coffee and Workshop Coffee, they have turned their downstairs into the ’80s and 90’s gaming room. After enjoying your cup of coffee, you can use the energy to travel back in time and enjoy pinball, Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon, and a range of other games from that era.

However, coffee remains their primary focus, and they rely on Workshop and Drop for their beans which the in-house Kalita Wave Dripper uses to make cold brews and iced coffees. They acquire cakes from the famous Sweet Butterfly and crodoughs from the Rinkoff bakery, and they are ordered every day to guarantee freshness.


Climpson & Sons

The Climpson is a one-of-a-kind coffee place that offers some of the best coffee in Broadway Market and the entire city. Customers can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with a light snack or meal. Although it’s usually packed on the weekend, the quality coffee and delicious treats offset queueing for your order.

Climpson and Sons have recruited experienced brewers familiar with various techniques, guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. The barista handles everything from brewing to adding sugar to your preference before serving it in a paper cup. Customers are encouraged to visit and enjoy savory and tasty little dishes with coffee.

There’s no doubt that Climpson and Sons go the extra mile to ensure that they have sourced, roasted, and crafted the finest coffees from east London. They also support other local businesses by outsourcing produce for their breakfast and lunch menu.


The Right Amount of Coffee

Whether you are on your way to work or dashing out of the gym, there’s no doubt that coffee plays a vital role in our lives. When you think about coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is caffeine. However, coffee contains many active substances and antioxidants that protect you from diseases and reduce internal inflammation. The right coffee place ensures you get to enjoy all these benefits without compromising quality and flavor.

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