With the number one New Year’s resolution in the United States being to lose weight it is no surprise that many moving to London from America have resigned to do just that as we begin the January.  Whether one has already moved to London or in the final stages of preparation there are many wonderful groups to help keep one on track with their goal.

For years and years the UK’s fine citizens were generally in better shape than their pudgy American cousins.  Over the last decade, however, Brits have beefed up making obesity numbers increase.  Those moving to London from American should not be shocked to see many ads flooding the air waves and print aimed at losing weight.

Just like in the States individuals moving from America will be bombarded by hundreds of get-skinny-quick pills, programs and diets.  Also, just like in the States, the only way to successfully lose weight, get healthy, and keep it off is to make a lifestyle change.  To facilitate that change there are several wonderful groups in the London area for anyone moving from America to join.

A good place to start the weight loss journey is on MeetUp.com.  This website is home to many groups arranged by category for those in the London area.  There is a good selection of weight loss themed groups that focus on a fit and healthy lifestyle rather than a wonder drug.  Part of becoming healthy is getting active and there is no shortage of MeetUp groups for that.

Studies have shown that having a community’s support will help anyone lose weight and change their lifestyle.  Especially for those moving from America finding a community can be a challenge. By joining a group that meets online and in person that weight can finally come off and friendships can be made to help ease the transition of moving from America.


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