One of the many benefits to being an American moving to London is the new experiences awaiting you.  Unlike your local neighbors absolutely every experience is new.  In an effort to take full advantage of your time in England day trips and weekend trips should be planned as often as possible.  Perhaps at no other time in your life will you have as many exciting opportunities as your stint being an American moving here.

An American Moving to London – The Day Trip

As an American you will need much more help when planning short trips.  One popular day trip (or even overnight trip) expats frequently enjoy is walking tours of the English countryside.  Although London is one of the world’s largest cities once you leave the bustling city the countryside of Jane Austen novels greet you.  With rolling hills, lazy fields full of all kinds of farm animals and cozy homesteads dotting the landscape you could not ask for a better place to enjoy a day’s hike.

An American Moving to London – Where to Wander

There are several wonderful parts of England to wander around exploring.  Chiltern, an area northwest of London is one of the most beautiful areas of the country and is quite organized in their mapping services. Visitors to Chiltern can choose between many free maps as well as group outings with field guides.  Often, trips are themed such as fall colors or plant identification.  Unlike in the states an American moving to London is allowed free access to private property when walking making day hikes that more exciting.

Of course common courtesy and common sense is expected if you’re walking on private land.  Visitors should close gates they open and remember that farm animals are not pets.  Cows and bulls have been known to attack strangers so caution should be used.  Farm houses and their inhabitants should be left alone.  Cell phones should be kept on a person at all times and appropriate clothing should be worn, weather dictating.  Out of all the activities an American moving here can experience day hikes through the countryside is perhaps one of the most memorable.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS