One of the most common questions of any American moving to London is where the best place to buy food is.  Depending on where one lives in the States prior to moving here the answer can be either familiar or completely alien.  Unlike much of the United States where the giant box store reigns supreme the locals shop all around town at local grocers, specialty stores and outdoor markets. There is no better way for an American moving to London to learn the city, especially their neighborhood, than when shopping for food.

An American Moving to London – Supermarkets Just like in the United States those moving here will encounter supermarkets.  Although they have different names than we are familiar they are basically the same.  These supermarkets, the most popular being Tesco and Sainsbury’s, are about the only way to get staple pantry items like sugar, flour, salt and pepper.  Many supermarkets now offer online ordering and even deliver making the frustrating mandatory trip to the grocery a thing of the past.

American Moving to London – Farmer’s Markets Despite this city being one of the world’s largest cities Farmer’s Markets thrive.  Many markets are open year long but all markets are open seasonally.  For anyone just moving here whether for corporate relocation or not farmer’s markets are a great way to acquaint oneself with local cuisine and local fruits and vegetables.  Many mouth-watering recipes can be gained by a simple visit to the farmers market in one’s neighborhood.  There are several large farmer’s markets that have specialty stores and booths as well as fruit and vegetable vendors.  Families often enjoy making a day out of a visit to Notting Hill Farmer’s Market.

An American Moving to London – Specialty Stores Perhaps the best benefit to moving to a thriving metropolitan area is the abundance of specialty stores around every corner.  If one can think of a cheese it will be available somewhere. The same goes for wine. Or olives. Or mushroom.  Specialty shoppes are what make giving up the family car worth it.  Any American moving here and looking for creative ways to learn their way about the city can do so by exploring the many specialty stores in the greater London area.

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