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There are a great many young people who enjoy packing up and heading to London for an extended stay. Stays can be for several weeks or months before heading off to university or during a spring break, or they can be for longer periods of time in order to attend a British university, remain in the city after graduation, relocate with a company, or simply because they feel the call of adventure.

If you are one of those young people thinking about taking the leap and travelling to UK’s capital city for an extended period of time and staying in London apartments for rent, you should do a bit of research and planning beforehand or you could find yourself in a mess instead of having fun. Here is some advice to help you to avoid problems and more thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Financial Cushion

The truth is that London apartments for rent, transportation, and other necessary items are expensive. If you don’t have a sufficient financial cushion to draw off of until you generate your own income and get settled into affordable London apartments for rent, you could quickly find yourself in a mess.

Although London has an excellent public transportation system, it can be expense especially if you are travelling often or over long distances. Therefore, try to locate work and London apartments for rent near each other. Also, ensure both are located close to transportation hubs. Obtaining an Oyster card upon arrival will help you to significantly cut transportation expenses.

If you are relocating to an existing job then you are set to go. However, if you are planning on finding work when you arrive to the city, you may find it could take a while and you will need money to live on until then. If your financial cushion is small, you may need to stay with flatmates, in hostels, or find other cheaper accommodation options before searching for more expensive London apartments for rent until you find a job and start receiving paychecks.

Mind Safety Concerns

Young people have a tendency to throw caution to the wind and feel as if every place is an exciting and welcoming destination. However, the reality of life is that bad people exist everywhere who look to take advantage of such naïve and unwary types.

Upon arriving to the city, it is advisable to stay in and around tourist areas where security is tighter and criminals are less apt to take advantage of you. When hailing taxis, be sure they are well marked and never enter Minis unless you have called to request one. Minis are forbidden by law to pick up hailing passengers from the streets like a regular taxi. Crimes often occur to those not knowing or heeding this advice.

It shouldn’t take long for you to meet a group of good London friends who will more than happy to show you around other parts of the city as well as help educate you on customs and bad sections to avoid when searching for London apartments for rent.

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