Oxford was picturesque.  I felt as if the town and university were born  from a bedtime story.  The Oxford Tube took my friend and me straight from Notting Hill to the wonderland.  The hour-long journey felt significantly less. I was dazed by the repetition of cute towns and rolling, green hills.

I finally admitted to myself that I am a tourist and hopped on an open tour bus.  The bus weaved through the thirty-odd colleges that make-up the university.  The size, age and architecture of the buildings amazed me.  I glanced enviously at the students riding by on the bicycles.

The “quads” of the colleges were more like huge, spacious gardens.  I immediately noted a huge difference between the peaceful, proper atmosphere  of the Oxford Colleges and the chaotic energy of the states’ colleges.  I found myself tip-toeing through the classrooms, libraries and studies; an uncontrollable mood of veneration prevented me from being at complete ease.

In the garden of St. Mary’s Tower I had my first proper afternoon English Tea.  The freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream melted in my mouth and danced lovingly with the mint tea.  It was refreshing to be in a garden outside the city, removed from the usual nicotine cloud that goes hand-in-hand with outside seating.

I was happy to return to London.  I prefer the bustling, fast-paced world of London to the peaceful, removed world of Oxford.  If you’re a student relocating to London, make sure to look into the school, its’ academic excellence and beauty are unparalleled.

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